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Alphabetical list of Authors by Surname,
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Ashworth, Elizabeth The De Lacey Inheritance
Allnatt, Judith The Poet's Wife
Barden, Jenny Mistress of the Sea
Betts, Charlotte The Apothecary's Daughter
Berridge, A.L. Into the Valley of Death
Bryant, Sarah Serendipity

Calatyud-Stocks Roma A Song in My Heart
Collison, Linda Surgeon's Mate, Barbados Bound

Davison, Anita Trencarrow Secret Royalist Rebel
Dean, Anna A Woman of Consequence
Denton D.M. A House Near Luccoli
Doherty,Gordon Legionary  Strategos
Duffy, Stella, Theodora
Dunlap, Susanne In the Shadow of the Lamp

Eagland, Jane Whisper My Name

Fuller, David Sweetsmoke
Fullerton, Jean Perhaps Tomorrow
Fox, Essie The Somnambulist

Graham, Eliza Jubilee

Hanley,C.B. The Sins of the Father
Hayes, Celia Daughters of Texas
Hawkins, Alis Testament
Heath, Tinney Sue A Thing Done
Herbert Kathleen Moon in Leo
Hill, David Wesley At Drake's Command
Hill, Frances Deliverance from Evil
Hopkins, Jonathan Walls of Jericho
Hollick, Helen, Sea Witch
Humphreys,C.C. A Place called Armageddon
Kane, Ben Spartacus the Gladiator
Kimm, Gabrielle The Courtesan's Lover

Lee, Emery The Highest Stakes
Lorrimer, Claire The Chatelaine

McCann, Jessica All Different Kinds of Free
McCreet, James The Vice Society
Millard, Sue Coachman
Morgan,Terence The Master of Bruges
Myers, Cindi The Woman Who Loved Jesse James

Nicholson, Harry Tom Fleck

Palmer, Rosey Thomas Hues of Blackness
Patricio Anna Asenath

Russo Morin, Donna The Secret of the Glass
Rance, Caroline Kill Grief
Rock, Judith The Eloquence of Blood

Scott Lewis, Diane The False Light
Sharratt, Mary The Daughters of Witching Hill
Shepherd, Lynn Tom-All-Alone's/The Solitary House
Speller, Elizabeth The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton
Stockwin, Julian Conquest
Swift, Deborah The Lady's SlipperThe Gilded Lily

Turnbull, Ann Alice in Love and War

Walters, Jennie Polly's Story
Watts Jnr, David Hope in Hungnam
Wazylovski, Karen Darcy and Fitzwilliam
Weisgarber, Ann The Personal History of Rachel DuPree
Weiss, Holly Crestmont
Wheelaghan, Marianne The Blue Suitcase
Whitfield, Anne The House of Women
Williams, Tom The White Rajah
Wills, Michael Finn's Fate