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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ripples in the Sand by Helen Hollick

Ripples In The Sand is the fourth voyage in my Sea Witch historical adventure series and I wanted to write something a little different from the previous three – albeit keeping the same flavour of swashbuckling pirate-based action.

I also wanted to bring in some of Tiola’s past; as she is now Jesamiah’s wife, I think she deserves to come to the fore a little. We know a lot about Jesamiah Acorne from voyages one, two, and three, but not why he and she are “soul mates” – nor why Tethys, Goddess of the Sea wants Jesamiah so desperately for her own.

I also wanted to bring the characters to England – for no other reason than, for me, it is easier to research Devon than it is the Caribbean!

Without giving any spoilers, I had the idea of Tiola being able to look back into the past some while ago, and this gave me the opportunity to research some history of Appledore, Bideford and Barnstaple – blending small scenes of the past into the “present” (well, 1719!) history.

I have even managed to bring into this story a snippet from my novel about King Harold II of England. (Harold the King – UK title; I am the Chosen King – US title) He landed in Devon circa 1053, returning from a year of exile after a squabble between his father and King Edward the Confessor. It was great fun to include one of my favourite historical fiction characters in this story!

As usual Captain Acorne finds himself in trouble, even though he is trying to become a respectable merchant trader. But will that pirate rogue ever become respectable and live without trouble following behind like a ship’s wake?


Grace Elliot said...

Who doesnt enjoy a book about pirates?
Looks an interesting read.
G x

Diane Scott Lewis said...

Sounds very interesting. I love the 18th century, and who doesn't love a sexy pirate?

Helen Hollick said...

thank you Grace and Diane for your lovely (and very kind) comments. My apologies for the delay in responding but I have been offline as I've moved home from London to Devon - I am now living very near to where Ripples in the Sand is set!